Our foundry uses only Specified Pig Iron. Each molted ladle is tested for chemical composition to ensure required quality and test bars are casted for tensile testing. The patterns are checked at regular intervals for wear and tear. The castings after shot blast are checked for dimensional accuracy.

Certain percentage of castings is tested for load bearing capacity to its breaking point. We always keep substantial margin over the minimum test load required, over and above ASTM and BSS specifications.

There is complete traceability of each casting produced in the foundry. We are shipping test bars including integrated test bars as per customer's requirement. Test bars are made of every heat and will be furnished to purchasers of casting upon request.

We have complete laboratory for physical and chemical test of metal and sand. All incoming Raw Materials – Metals, Sand, and stores are checked and then passed for usage. We have in-house tensile test, hardness test and transverse test machines..

We use green sand as well as dry sand moulding process for production of castings.

Inhouse Facilities